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Another Dumb Criminal


Sure! When you saw the headline you more than likely thought “Florida” or Western Pennsylvania’s version of Florida, Fayette County.  But nope!

A guy from Butler County wondered into a downtown Pittsburgh 7-11 to ALLEGEDLY rob the place.  I’m thinking.. wait….I’m hoping that this was a last minute attempt at given his time on task of planning a disguise.  He used a plastic bag as his disguise.  Ya know, like, one of those things you yell at your kids for putting over their head or one of those things that you use to line your bathroom waste basket (cause they’re free with grocery purchases.)  Story on

If you didn’t click on the link to see the full story, yes, he was smart enough to cut holes in the bag so that he could see and breathe.

So you might question why?  I do too but… more of WHY did he have to wonder down from Butler County for this.  Couldn’t he have done this someplace up north and embarrass them in national news?

Hey Anthony… call us!  I have the perfect defense.  My Aunt Barbara used to wrap her hair in toilet paper each night before bed after she had spent a full day at the salon getting her “hair done.”  I think this is the perfect defense.  Tell everyone you forgot your wallet, you just had your hair permed, had planned on sleeping in a dumpster that night and you didn’t want to MUSS your hair when you slept after trying to find your wallet which may or may not have been left in the 7-11 cash register.

Either that, or just tell them you were using the bag to recycle your brain, Ya Jagoff!