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Coronovirus statisitcs

Like you, we are waiting almost hour-to-hour learning of the changes brought by the coronavirus. We certainly do not have all of the necessary statistics, but we have some.  

We think we are getting kind of good at this jagoff guide to stuff….so here is: 

The Jagoff Guide of stats that are irrelevant but kinda pertain to the pandemic: 

  • Thanks to social media, we have seen hundreds of posts daily keeping us up-to-date on grocery store outageincluding: meats, chicken, hand soap, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, the holy grail… toilet paper. 
  • Also hundreds of memes expressing feelings on lack of toilet paper, lack of Saint Patrick’s day weekend lack of festivities, and virus puns in general. 
  • Breaking news alerts are not quite in the hundreds but definitely way out of the tens category.  NOTE:  We have resorted to following Bobby Cherry for the real deal on info. 
  • In homes, (well Rachael’s) a rough estimate of 25-30 bags of Cheezits have been eaten, same for granola bars, and fruit snacks are a close third 
  • Three cases of Propel, (so in the 35-40 bottle range) have been consumed. 
  • Roughly 20 NHL 20 Xbox rounds have been played 
  • Approximately15 loads of laundry completed 

 We do not have stats on much else thus far.  But as we venture into the first full week of caution, we will be sure to keep you up-to-date.  Oh, and Bobby Cherry will fact-check for certainty.  Your turn, what can we add to stats, ya jagoffs? 


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