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Weather Related Jagoffs

Am I REALLY Driving In A Blizzard??

So…. the other day, a good snow hit!  It was just before the evening rush-hour and many people left work and school early to beat the mess BUT found themselves in 2-hours of behind-the-salt-truck type traffic tie-ups.

When this stuff happens, it doesn’t take long for the tweets, Facebook posts and emails to come in with weather related Jagoffs!  For example, got this tweet from @DinnerPlanIt on Twitter some time ago…

“Guy on Veterans Bridge, roof, rear and side windows completely covered and only drivers side if the windshield cleared.”

Yep… that’s how these things go.  Like the driver in the pic above… lol…

The falling snow had been over for about an hour and the sun was out when this pic was taken.  So, our question is, how long did it take this lady to figure out that, as she was driving 45mph up Route 65, that, the snow blowing on her windshield WASN’T actually the blizzard???

“My, oh my… this snow is REALLY coming at my windshield FAST!!!!”

Well, indeed it was coming at ya fast.. cuz it was coming off your hood that is covered with 6-inches of snow!  Put your coat on, cover your hand in the sleeve and wipe that stuff off your car OR ask your neighbor with the snow blower to make a few swipes over your car, Ya Jagoff!!!

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