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All Up In My Grill – Sledding Protocols

Sledding Jagoff Pittsburgh Blog

One of the best, unique, jagoff posts yet!  In the 1O-year history of this blog, we haven’t posted this.

As you can tell from the pic, some folks went sledding. Sledders, as we would call them, like to walk up a long hill, jump on a sled, inner tube, old cookie sheet, whatevs and then slide down the big hill of snow as fast as possible. Some sledders go feet first, some headfirst but all are looking to slide freely to the bottom of the hill until they come to a gradual stop on the flat portion at the hill bottom.  Part of the sledding tradition is to see who can make it the farthest on the flat portion.

Well, THAT’S not gonna happen here because someone is “gonna get all up in da grill” of that car if they don’t stop in time. Or the driver will get all mad of someone sleds right into the side door and dents it with their feet! They parked at the bottom of the hill!

Maybe this person is new here from a sunny state and never went sledding and, therefore, doesn’t know the protocol. On the other hand, no other cars parked there so wouldn’t you take the context clues about NOT parking there?

Dude or dudette, please learn how to park when sledding and, while you’re at it, learn how to clean the snow off of your back window before you drive … YaJagoff!


Thanks much to long-time friend of the blog @mmmmpie for bein our honorary jagoff for today’s post!

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