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Alcohol and Chuck E. Cheese = Tossed Salad

While we were writing yesterday’s post this story came up. Already we knew what today’s post was going to be.

The bottom line, a drunk lady, Patricia Koontz of the Pleasant Hills area, had too much to drink at the Collier Township Chuck E. Cheese and then dumped a salad, NOT SPILLED ACCIDENTALLY, dumped a salad on some kid’s head. (Full WTAE story here.)

Oh man.  Leave the alcohol to the imature ones and this is what you get.  Someone who can’t control their drinking and gets kicked out of a sporting event, gets kicked out of a bar, gets kicked out of their house or, as in this case, just dumps a salad on a kid’s head and ends up on our page.  STANDARD STUFF!

Now some kids have been known to toss their cookies at Chuck E’s place but a salad?  Let alone an adult?  Of course, we have seen adults performing various acts of Jagoffery at Chuck E. Cheese.  Like the two grandparents that stood at the little basketball throwing game and handed each other balls, dunked them repeatedly and got about 978 lbs. of tickets.  By the way, 978 lbs of tickets at Chuck E Cheese gets you 2 sticks of gum and a comb!

Patricia, you are now famous. Hope that this is pleasant day in Pleasant Hills.  Surely, your neighbors will be proud and we SERIOUSLY doubt you’ll be asked to bring the salad to any Memorial Day picnics ESPECIALLY if there are going to be kids attending. By the way, how’s that part-time baby sitting job going??  You seem to be GREAT with the kiddos.

Chuck E. Cheese sells beer to calm everyone’s nerves OR to give the fathers a reason to hang out without being embarrassed.  Patricia took it a little too far.  I mean, what parent DOESN’T want to drink after 15 minutes of being at the insanely loud, sensory overload, Chuck E. Cheese??

Let’s see…. beer where kids are running around screaming. To that we say, go ahead Kennywood, move forward with your plans to sell alcohol it the park.  And to Patricia Koontz, thanks for embarassing the rest of us nationally.  Is there any way you that can simply say you were just trying to help the kid simulate a vegetarian alien with that bowl of salad on his head?

Maybe not!  Trish-the-upside-down-dish, we voted, we think its time to move away to a city that more aligns with your class.  We are sending you the “apartments for rent/houses for sale” web pages from Philly and Cleveland, Ya Jagoff!!


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