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Addiction Counselor Stole Patient’s Identity

Jagoff blog Nina Barkley

This might be the ultimate slap in the face and it deserves as horrible of a sentence as possible.

Nina Barkley was supposABLY a counselor at a Greensburg addiction counseling center.  Ntaaawww… how sweet that she wants to help others, right?  NAW DAWG!  Nina turned things upside. She allegedly took a bunch of personal information from an addiction patient at her registration.  She then, allegedly, turned around and abused that trust of the patient and used the personal information to open up lines of credit, credit cards, etc, etc. … like $60,000 worth. (See full story on KDKA-TV)

Can you imagine, trying to get your act together, checking in for treatment and then finding out someone racked up more bills than a crazy first-time mom on her kids’ first bday party?

Nina (not Pinta, not Santa Maria), you’re lucky that we’re not the local magistrate.  We’d tap into a local “dealer” to get some good drugs, stop by the local liquor store and dump it all into ya…. and like those reality TV shows, we’d dump ya in the middle of an alley with no money, no cell phone or food and no shoes.  We’d arrange to pick you up in about a month at the same spot.  At that point, you might have a slight appreciation as to how low your addiction patients might feel when they come to you for help! Then, of course, we’d send ya to traditional jail… Ya Jagoff!

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