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YaJagoff Podcast with Steven Brault

#YaJagoff Podcast

A New ‘Do, a Don’t Do and a Performance Pitch or Two

June 29, 2020

Like most, John needed a haircut and a little grooming, so Emilio and Gino from Izzazu took matters into their hands. Mary Lamb crooned some tunes and Rach sipped on some bubbly. Then John got to hear Rach’s frizz control tips from Martita Style and chat up our singing Pirates pitcher Steven Brault and his new project with Scott Coulter of Spot-On Entertainment.

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Question of the Day

John could not wait for the high sign to get a good haircut.  What was that thing you could not wait to do post Covid-19?


Fire Hydrant Faux Pas

Santonio Holmes events

Eat N Park Smiles

Glass Factory

Maz Day

4:21 Emilio and Gino

Owner Emilio of Izzazu Salon Spa & Blowout Bar talks about the balance of safety and comfort and how their mantra, “United we stand, just not too close,” comes into play with being open 7 days a week. Now available at Giant Eagle Market Districts with their must-buy products, Emilio doesn’t forget to reminisce on his second-generation hairdressing legacy that has launched into new styles of success, including taking care of wisdom hairs.

20:52 Steven Brault

Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Steven Brault has a new song, “A Pitch at Broadway,” along with his new talent judging gig, and yes, he is still an active Pirate. His passion for pitching and performance has evolved from a young age, and now he has partnered with Spot-On Entertainment Arts Academy for a can’t miss the contest. Listen here to find out more!

Scott Coulter

Owner of Spot-On Entertainment Scott Coulter talks about his beginnings with Steven Brault, their judging partnership, and how Spot-On Arts Academy will help connect prospective performers with award-winning artists from the worlds of Broadway, cabaret, film, television, radio, and more! Find out how to enter the contest, Give My Regards: A Passport to Broadway right here.

41:18 Marta Daley

Beauty influencer and blogger Marta of Martita Style provides tips and tricks to influence Rachael’s frizz control and to answer some rapid-fire questions. From beauty, travel, and mindset, she covers it all plus more in wavy, thick, realness for that bold, natural look.

55:07 Mary

Emerging country folk singer-songwriter Mary Lamb Kraemer brings herself and her guitar onto the podcast to find out that she and Rach share a musical theater minor, but most importantly, to empower her being as well as other women through her hit single, “Well Traveled.” Did we mention her music is for a good cause? Listen to the well-traveled tales here!

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