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No Mask But….Howzabout a T-shirt

YaJagoff Beer Gut Pic

It is real… as much as your eyeballs want to deny it.  I saw it and figured YOU had to see it too!  (You’re welcome!) And for the record, he walked into, walked around inside of and walked out of the beer store just like this.

This is a guy walking out of a local beer store.

Hey….I’m no “Ken Doll” and I’ve certainly worn my share if nasty-arse clothes to a public place but….c’mon guy!

As a side note, when my daughter was born, I told myself  that I was going to become a top-level fashion designer so that, by the time she turned 16, I would make sure that the “AMISH LOOK” was fashionable so that it would be DOPE for her to be covered from neck-to-ankle while she was in high school and college.  I didn’t make it.  Miley Cyrus beat me to it and this guy is taking Miley’s lead.

Hey Areola Al…shoes and shirt…. you’re gonna have to do better with the shirt thingy.  Maybe buy jerseys so you don’t have to think about buttons.  To be honest, while exposed toes, especially man toes, gross me out, I’d opt to stare at your feet for 10-minutes (all the while gagging and trembling from the trauma) before I’d have to see this image for one more second.

Skip the case of beer and go get one of those full-length mirrors to sit by your front door so that you are forced to see yourself before you walk out in public ever again, YaJagoff!

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