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Rach went to the orthodontist AGAIN!

You are gonna need braces, and you are gonna need braces, and yep even you are gonna need braces.  Four years ago, that was the common theme when each of my kids had their orthodontist consultations. Triple yikes.   

I got the feeling that kids hit a certain age that ranges from like just starting school to just entering high school and the orthodontists start looking like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers knowing that business is about to be booming.  With kids ranging from 12, 9 and 7 at the time, I was a prime target.  Plus, thanks to my undiagnosed overbite, they needed retainers also.   

Slow your roll, bros.  One at a time.  So, I am done with kid #1 and just about done with kid #2. But his damn bite will not align. I started thinking is it just genetic?  Blame another one on good ol’ mom.  But I am paying a small college education to get these teeth looking fab so what gives? Plus, the take the braces off date has been scheduled so we are so close.  But the next few weeks will be brutal. 

  1. It is my middle child=difficult 
  2. It is summertime=routine is difficult 
  3. I can’t figure out the bands=DIFFICULT 

I have never been a knitter, a sewer, a braider, you get it.  I am motor-skill deficient.  How am I supposed to crisscross the bands to appropriately align teeth to perfect my son’s bite?  He is not going to do it. I have gotten rubber rub, snapped on the tip of the fingers and of course snapped him a few times.  Brighter side, no rubber band swallowing accidents.  Orthodontists start making house calls, ya jagoff! 

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