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Driving Jagoffs

A Little More Than A “Pittsburgh Left”

Not sure where our Dash-Cam Guy is but, here’s one he would have liked.

This guy was traveling across downtown getting ready go south on the ramp to the Liberty Tubes.. well, at least we thought.  Then, all of the sudden he throws on his left turn signal, takes a quick pause and crosses over all lanes of traffic to go north!!!!

Guessing that the good thing is, he was a considerate Jagoff driver…at least he SIGNALED, right??  Thankfully our driver was alert enough to realize this guy was stopping AT A GREEN LIGHT and we didn’t run up the back of him like a paparazzi behind Britney Spears when she has a dress on and no undies.

Sooo… if you had to guess the age of this driver what would you say?

(Go ahead, we will hang out and hum the Jeopardy song while you think.)

OK.. here it is…the guy was at least 60.. possibly 70 years as we could see before he made an illegal U-turn across traffic and went completely the opposite direction.

Hey Lefty, that’s not even close to a legal turn.  Thanks for signalling but, honestly, if we had been driving a  backhoe in traffic, we’re pretty sure we would have found a reason for you and us to fill out some car insurance paper work.

If by chance you are planning an “I was only following my GPS directions” defense, we would respond with our mother’s standard phrase, “If your friend Billy jumped off a bridge, would you jump of a bridge too?”  And if by chance you are going to continue to listen to that thing, and NOT read signs or look out your window every once in a while, we’re pretty sure that you’re gonna look kinda silly the first time it says, “Ditch, big damned ditch, Ya Jagoff!”

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