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Driving Jagoffs

A Little Hawaiian-Swimming Pool Jagoffery

Yep! That’s a swimming pool hanging off that truck as the truck is driving around some Hawaii streets.  The video on Instagram actually shows the swimming pool dragging behind the moving truck.

This was the message with the post:

The swimming pool was flapping in the air when we were following him from Lahaina swimming pool area on Honoapilani Hwy.

What.. no rear-view mirror on the truck?  No chance that you look into that mirror-thingy on the side to see what’s behind you?  You’re kinda like those NFL guys who run up the field with a big rubber band attached to their waist restricting their forward progress! You’re truck is getting quite the cross fit workout on it’s midsection muffler and it’s rear-quarter-panel hammies, Yo!

Now here’s my stupid question… Dude! You’re in Hawaii… you’re hauling a swimming poll around?  I mean, do you KNOW that there is a beach pretty much in ANY direction from where you are right now…. YaJagoff!                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Special thanks (Mahalo) to @808Nori_t on Instagram for being today’s Honorary Jagoff catcher!

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