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A Jagoff ‘W’ 

YaJAgoff Podcast

Written by Rachael.. one of North Hills School District’s New School Board Members

We have a jagoff victory!  I flippin’ won a seat on the North Hills School Board.  Yep, I will be reppin’ the red and white, with an NH medallion around my neck.  Ok, that is a little overboard, it will say NH, Ya Jagoff of course! 

Last night, surrounded by family, friends, supporters and receiving kind text after kind text, it was official that I won.  To say thanks for all the well-wishes, and supportive words, is an understatement.  What did I learn?   

*My husband and kids are more patient than I ever knew! 

*LOYALTY is everything! 

*I have a support-system like no other 

*My Jagoff partner makes the BEST Campaign Manager 

*Surround yourself with the right people and you will succeed 

*Order enough ‘about the candidate’ cards 

*Get signs in place at polls early 

*North Hills is a BIG area with streets that I have never heard of let alone driven 

There are so many more things to say, like I would like to thank the jagoff academy.  I’d appreciate green M&M’s at each podcast from now on—WOW! Just kidding!  

Campaigning being over is kinda sad.  No more atta girl mentions, no more being driven around, no more ‘I will do that since you have school board stuff’….oh wait that is life every day, after all John Chamberlin was my Campaign Manager.  Thanks for the help, support and being an amazing partner, Ya Jagoff!