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Big Announcement! The 3rd Annual #ThingsThatTurnPeopleIntoJagoffs March Madness Tournament Starts Tomorrow!

It’s the 3rdAnnual March Madness Bracket of Jagoffery!

 Bracket title: #ThingsThatTurnPeopleIntoJagoffs

First round voting will start tomorrow and continue every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until the winner is announced on April 4th

Last year’s bracket winner was Grocery Store Aisle Blockers (Talkers and Buggy Pushers)!  Can they top the bracket again?

Vote! And then tell your friends and family and pets to vote!

Here’s the list of what will be on the brackets!

  • The 2018 #ThingsThatTurnPeopleIntoJagoffs Sweet 16 list:
    • Subarus – Because they ALL drive slow it seems. Never in a hurry!
    • Selfie Stalkers – People that are obsessed with selfies in public places or in posting selfies constantly on their social media
    • #PeterParkers – These are Jagoffs that don’t know now to park their cars between the lines! Tons of ‘em on the blog!
    • Buses that don’t pull to the curb – Port Authority buses that don’t pull into the curb to pick up their customers AND also, block traffic while they are stopped!
    • Alcohol (a contender every year) – pretty much a key “Jagoff Maker” on a daily basis.
    • Grocery Store Aisle Blockers (Talkers and Buggy Pushers) This was the 2017 Bracket Winner!
    • Buses that block downtown intersections – You’ve seen it! Buses that pull through intersections in downtown rush hour. We HATE that!
    • Texting While Crosswalk – You give the wave, from your car, to let someone cross. They saunter across while texting! URRRGH!
    • Pet Wardrobe – Do pets really need sweaters?
    • Late Pizza Deliveries – Not too much of a biggie but worth including because if you are HANGRY, this can be serious stuff.
    • Smart Phones on Buses – Does this really need to be explained?
    • Smart Phones in Airports – Another one that needs to explanation!
    • “This Is Us” Tweeters – I get it! People like the show but, filling my twitter line with how hard you cried last night is crazy. Go watch something funny!
    • Chronic Snifflers in Church – Take a minute to blow your nose!
    • Chronic Coughers on Public Transportation – I mean, at least cover your mouth hacker!
    • Road Construction “Merge Here” Signs – Folks can’t we call get along here? Do we a YouTube video on how to do this?
    • Food Samples at Costco – Food samples makes people NUTZ as they hover around and block the aisle just for a free cracker with chicken salad on it.
    • Public Displays of Affection – We get it! You love each other. A kiss, a hand holding is ok but, do ya really need to crawl all over each other in front of us?

No!  You don’t get to see the pairings until tomorrow!