Friday, October 30, 2020
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    2019 Jagoff Bracket, Sweet 16, Pairing 2

    Today's Bracket - The second pairing of Sweet 16! Skinny Lanes on Route 51 – because 1 in 2,897 drivers actually know how to judge the size...
    March Madness JAgoff Bracket

    2019 Jagoff Bracket, Sweet 16, Pairing 1

    Today's Bracket - The first pairing of Sweet 16! MEANDER-thals  – Event walkers or diagonal-walking-street-crossers – Just go straight, get off your phone and pick...

    2018 #ThingsThatTurnPeopleIntoJagoffs Winner & Prizes

    OK… everyone's brackets are over!  We jumped on the bandwagon with some kind of bracket too. And here is the bracket winner of #ThingsThatTurnPeopleIntoJagoffs: Alcohol But are some of YOU...