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2020 Jagoff Holiday Challenge Entry #1

Pittsburgh Jagoffs

Ohhh.. this brings a tear to our very emotional eyes. So do onions but.. jagoff tears are positive. As you may know, we have issued our annual challenge.. get to some craft stores, rearrange the lettered items into.. well.. it’s obvious what the direction is.

This is the first entry of 2020. There will be prizes issued so share, share, share!

Thanks so much to Christine and Dennis Mattiko who spent some jagoff-time in the East York Target (or Tarshjey some say.)  They emailed the pic and said, “We had some fun tonight!”

In deed you did Christine and Dennis!  May the wonderment and amazement of the Holidays be upon yinz… Ya Jagoffs (meant in the term-of-endearment manner.)


  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing


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