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2018 Jagoffs Tournament, First Round, Day 2

Here’s a quick summary of the first round matchups on Day 2. Choose your favorite in the form below!

#6 vs. #11

#6—Smart Phones on Buses – Does this really need to be explained?
#11—“This Is Us” Tweeters – I get it! People like the show but, filling twitter lines with how the tears flowed is crazy. Go watch something funny!

#3 vs. #14

#3—Road Construction “Merge Here” Signs
#14—Buses That Block Downtown Intersections

#7 vs. #10

#7—Smart Phones in Airports – Another one that needs no explanation!
#10—Chronic Snifflers in Church – Take a minute to blow THAT nose!

#2 vs. #15

#2—Texting While Crosswalk – You give the wave, from your car, to let someone cross. They saunter across while texting! URRRGH!
#15—Public Displays of Affection – So, love is in the air. A kiss, some hand holding may be ok but, is there really a need to sandwich together loudly and so publicly?