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Git It!

This blog post written by Rachael… YaJagoff Podcast co-host, and now, legit school board Pennsylvania Primary Election winner.

I googled how to humbly and proudly announce good news. The last thing anyone wants to read is an Emmy award, run-on sentence, thank you stuffed with sap and individual shout outs of praise.

You see, I wanted to partake in local politics and learn more about how they function.  Figure out the technical part and dive in as a contributor.  With no political grooming, just human drive, I embarked on a campaign for North Hills School Board and after two months of campaigning, it is official that I am in. 

What an experience!  While the humbling and honorable win is keeping me on cloud nine still today, the last thing I wanted to do was butcher the thank you. So, here goes–top 5 ways not to say thanks on the day after the primary election:

Insert throat clear and mic tap…..

5.  Thanks yinz guys for helping me aht n’ at.  I would of not won without ya.

4. It is with great appreciation that I accept the position I have obtained and vow to work hard toward the November elections.

3.  Thanks

2. OMG this totes happened and I’m stoked HBU?  Like who knew? 

1. I am the winner and I worked hard and I plan to make a difference and I will persevere.  YIKES!

The reality is my name was on the ballot.  There are multiple people tired today from the countless hours door knocking, sign placing, and simply investing time and energy into my campaign.  There are multiple people who deserve this win, this feeling of dedication and success.  So, the right way to address this?  I don’t know what I would do without ya jagoffs! THANK YOU!



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