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Leftover Green Food Jagoffery at Work


Ok.. we love it when co-workers bring in the leftover Halloween candy the day after trick or treating.  We all spend the next few weeks sneaking around the candy-clump doing the “I’m just gonna have one of these right here” onesy-twosies grabs.

But, leftover St. Patrick’s Day Parade tailgate food might be another story.

For example, thanks to the guy that brought in the leftover corned-beef and cabbage and used the work microwave to warm it up.  The people within a 20-cubicle radius thank you dearly and are going to battle back next week with half a cod sandwich leftover from the local church FriDEE fish-fry.

Thanks to the person that brought in a half eaten bowl of nacho dip and… and yes, those are broken,soggy tortilla chip specs in there.  Who brings nacho dip to a St. Patty’s Day Party anyway? News flash- That’s probably why there’s an entire bowl left over!

And was it the same “corned-beef and cabbage guy” that brought in the sugar shamrock cookies that have the cheap little green jimmies on them?  Be careful, look for the ones who possibly had some condiments dripped on them as people were stretching over the table to get one more dab of cheese or ranch dressing.

Leftover cupcakes.. ok.. I’ll take some of those.  I’m a dunker so a chocolate cupcake dunked into a cold glass of milk works.

Shepherds Pie leftovers?  Ya know, the dish that has been microwaved 3 or 4 times during the festivities as more people rolled into the party.  Personally, I like the crusty 4-times-mic’d brown edges of the potatoes but…please make sure that use a knife to straighten the leftover edges as opposed to us seeing uneven fork or spoon marks from the last-taken bites.

And what about the wilted, leftover cheese and cold-cut slices that are still on the plastic tray?  Maybe it will be okay as long as there isn’t a Tupperware bucket of leftover mayo and/or mustard.  Suggestion: Grab the condiments outta the company fridge….although they are crusty around the top of the jars, they haven’t sat out all day at a parade party.

So to those of you that have Iron City soaked spinach balls and sundry other leftovers for the office commune, let’s just save those for you’re next cookout at home with your hated neighbors!  But pass the stale cupcakes to me, Ya Jagoffs!!!

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