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$100 Pancakes??


Today is a Guest Blog Post!  

(Since everyone’s bitchin’ about the Steelers loss, figured I’d post this to help ya feel better!)

Went to eat breakfast today at Rae’s Diner in Coraopolis  ( Great by the way). There were no parking spaces.

We circled the block and notice quite a few people parking in a lot in alley behind Montour Hotel and going to Rae’s for breakfast.  So, my wife and I said, “when in Coraopolis, do as the Coraoplis-ans do!”

Upon returning to our car after packing in some pancakes, I find our car up on a flatbed.   The Mr. Brunch-Mafia-Flatbed-Truck-Driver says, “$190 to get from pound but “deal” of the day was $100 cash would get it off the hook right now.” I turned to see if, Wayne Brady, the Let’s Make a Deal guy,  was standing there to see if I wanted to take the deal or choose what was behind the curtain.  He wasn’t.  So I walked to BACK to Rae’s diner, went to the Bob Barker ATM machine and collected $100 cash to get my car back.

Key point… no signs posted and the Mr. Brunch-Mafia-Flatbed-Truck-Driver is headed to retirement after one morning of breakfast!

Thanks for the GREAT pancakes Rae’s.  I’ll be back but, next time, I’ll make sure I DON’T order a side of Brunch FLATBREAD…. I mean FLATBED,  from YOU, Mr. Brunch-Mafia-Flatbed-Truck-Driver, YaJagoff!

Thanks to Gary Harbaugh, for the Guest Blog Post and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

FYI… a new YaJagoff Podcast, you know, it’s like a radio show but on the internet, posts here tomorrow!