Travel Jagoffs

Hey!! Do You Have A Listening Problem??

Traveling by airplane is just no fun any more. Too many games like:

Playing the baggage check-or-no-check game with the ramp attendant.

Playing the waiting game to see if a flight crew member is going to snap BEFORE you turn your phone off so that you can be famous in Twitter.

Waiting for the passenger in the security line who, despite knowing they were getting on an airplane, chose to wear 3 fashion belts, 14 metal bracelets on the left wrist and watches for 3 different time zones on the right wrist and shin-high laced boots.

One long standing rule: For some crazy reason, on take-off and landing, your seat has to be upright. Which, in my section is about a 4″ difference in comfort.

So why did subject #1  have to be told 3 times to put her seat-back up? One as we where taxi-ing, to the runway.  Does she REALLY not know the routine?

And why does subject #2 have to be told 3 times to put his seat-back in the upright position? And why act like you have two brain cells by saying, “huh?” when reminded the 3rd time?

Whether or not these rules make sense is not for us to decide. The fact is, the rules are the rules and, take-off time is not the time to perform your silly little protest by acting like you’re brain dead or a spoiled brat.

You should not expect the flight attendant to be like your mommy and give you multiple warnings (I’m gonna count to 10 and you better listen..) before you have to follow the rules like everyone else (8….9….9 and a half, 9 and three quarters, 9 and seven-eights…)

If this is the way flying continues to progress, I totally support the flight attendants’ being given the authority to perform Sister-Mary-Mengela-type-Back-of-the-neck-hair-twists-And-earlobe-pulls-Or-Back-of-the-skull-open-handed-slaps to make people, like you, follow the rules Ya Jagoffs!!!


Too Relaxed at the Airport


Go ahead buddy, flash those toe-jams around the airport.  Air out those feet. Nobody minds at all.  We’re not grossed out.  Just make yourself at home. We don’t need to see your corns, ingrown-toe nails and calyxes.

Oh… by the way…. this is an airport, not our living room, Ya Jagoff!




The Hotel Cart Jags



Seriously?  Oh wait… maybe you want to keep it for your kids to ride up and down the hallway on.

You can’t take a couple of minutes to return this to the lobby so that someone else can use it, Ya Jagoffs?