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Bad Parking

Jagoffs Blocking the Path to Bladder Relief!   

Jagoffs YaJagoff Podcast

Written By Rach!

I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Nothing like grabbing a coffee, your list and hitting the small and local novelty shops for holiday shopping.  Nice pic to be painted.  But the reality is that I do most of my shopping online.  MOST people, not all.  I still support local, but three kids with lists that include hockey sticks and electronics, I can be limited.  But enough excuses. 

So, I support the beauty of online shopping, the ease of delivery, the joy of packages on the porch.  BUT, with joy comes pain.  When deliveries are made on my dead-end street, clogs happen.  Notice I did NOT say culdesac–because it is not.  It is a dead-end with a long driveway.  Some of the skilled and seasoned drivers know my routine and my driveway.  The newbies, not so much.   

The driveway is a nightmare.  It is 130 plus feet of one way black-top that yields to gravel and not much area to turn around.  So, the deliverers usually walk the stuff up the driveway.  Trust me I offer them water, hot cocoa, snacks, etc.  Last week—not so much.  This guy put his big truck in park right in the middle of the street.  No way to get beyond him, and no way to get to my house….and I had three bottles of water. Come on rookie!  The three-minute sit gave me time to think, along with my three bottles of water swishing: 

  1. Maybe I should expand my driveway—but that is not a winter project and my shopping is not done 
  2. Maybe I should give better directions regarding the driveway sitch 
  3. Maybe I should not drink three bottles of water while shopping and driving because you never know who is sitting in the middle of your street blocking the path to your bladder relief!   

Or, honk loudly and yell Merry Christmas, now move ya jagoff! 

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