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Travel Jagoffs

Drunk and Angry is Not Airplane Manners

How about THIS original thought… some people don’t know how to drink responsibly. Haaa.. yeah.. GENIUS!! Almost MENSA level.

Example: They forget that being belligerent and fighting in public is far different that fighting in a hockey game!

Our man here.. dressed like he’s at Sand Castle…ALLEGEDLY had too much to drink, boarded a flight from Pittsburgh to Dallas and then, well, went all Philadelphia-Flyer-a-hole-Fan on the rest of the plane passengers. So bad, the crew landed the plane in Oklahoma, emergently, only 20 minutes short of its Dallas destination.

So ya have my man… who ALLEGEDLY has too much to drink and, clearly NO FRIENDS because, I would have to think that, if I got THIS drunk in front of MY friends, they would throw me in the back seat of a car and duct tape me to it for my own safety while they carried on with their celebration.

Hey “Sloshy Sullenberger” (see what I did there) what a proud moment, eh?  You made the national news! Where are all of your  drunk, idiot, no class, can’t-handle-my-first-beer, I-like-those-restaurants-that-allow-patrons-to-throw-peanut-shells-on-the-floor-an-overused-airplane-porta-potty-is-cleaner-than-my-bathroom-at-home travel buddies?

Let us know how Oklahoma goes… and… with those clothes and that amount of alcohol, you might want to consider traveling the rest of your trip in the back of a landscaping trailer, YaJagoff!

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