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YaJagoff Podcast from Rawlings Tigers

#YaJagoff Podcast

Touching Base with New Endeavors

October 13, 2020

There is no crying in baseball, so the jags suck it up and learn a few things from Tim Jones at Rawlings Tigers baseball as well as Henry Seifried, owner of BackYard Indoor Training. They touch base with William Brandstetter, attorney and author, Ray Petelin and his more famous daughter, Elizabeth, about his new gig at KDKA, and catch up with Robert Andrew Wagner about Pgh punk/folk sounds.

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Question of the Day

Best baseball movie of all time?

2:11 Tim and Henry

Tim and Henry talk about the importance of attitude and technique at BackYard Pgh multi-sport training facility and how the classic American bat-and-ball game teaches the youth about the fundamentals of life. Every player is a hero in the Backyard, so it is only proper to carry on the namesake since if you build it, they will come.

16:57 William Brandstetter

Local indie author, lawyer, and high school teacher Will 3 swings onto the podcast to talk about book homeruns with his two Heartly God? and Heartly Law? that dive readers into the depths of hardball realizations. He wears many ‘helmets’ professionally and snags a few pointers to use with his baseball team.

26:57 Ray Petelin

KDKA Meteorologist Ray Petelin is back in action and this time with his daughter to talk about their quirky science lessons through Hey Ray! On KDKA while being the new Hometown High Q coach. Listen to how he dug the home field while forecasting the weather from home and which of the two is more social media savvy?

44:01 Robert Andrew Wagner

Singer and songwriter of The Little Wretches Robert Wagner brings his guitar to provide some soothing folk music and a little motivation through his lyrics. He talks about his musical writing and melodic style, the power of lyrics, and how all have impacted Pittsburgh as a wonder of the world. He is a “Natural.”

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