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#YaJagoffPodcast/ The “Dirt” on Demolition Derbies

April 13, 2021

The gang headed north to the town of Mercer for, what they understood was “ground zero” of the demolition derby world.  Who DOESN’T wanna smash some cars?  Pittsburgh artist, Jason Sauer of Most Wanted Fine Art organized Mike and Josh, derby broadcasters from Track Shot Live, Todd the elder derby guy, and Jake, the 14-year-old protégé to talk derby dirt. Peggy Mazyck of the Mercer County Visitor’s Bureau also joined to highlight everything else happening in Mercer County this summer.. like a $500 cash for a stayover!


Noah Voltz, “Fire in Her Eyes” via Fuzion Entertainment Pittsburgh 



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Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Question of the Day:

If it were legal to deploy demolition derby tactics on any Western Pennsylvania road, on which road would you smash some cars?

What was on the blog:  

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Guest Co-host

Larry Mercurio, Rohrich Honda.. awesome car guy!

4:47 Casey:

Owner of Smith Metal Works Casey Smith gives us the ground zero details of demolition derby and how his business has grown in the past three years. Specializing in fabrication and CNC machining, they also dive into demolition, a dime of dozen cars to smash and how to get started in the sport.

14:13 Mike and Josh:

Mike and Josh, from Track Shot Live , live stream play-by-play demolition derby’s from around the country for free! From building wrecking machines, to broadcasting the derbies blow-by-blow to getting John behind a steering wheel of destruction these guys from Minnesota and New York are rolling!

25:24 Peggy:

Mercer County Visitor’s Bureau Peggy, the queen of Mercer, is the source of all things fun and happening in the area. June 18-20 is going to be a ball for Father’s Day weekend! Stay in one of their hotels overnight and receive up to $500 dollars to spend in Mercer County.

33:44    Todd and Jake:

Iron is their name and bending is their game! Todd Cioppa from Iron City Promotions talks the longevity and legendary sport of demolition derby and his 14-year-old protege Jake Birkner shines a light on the passion and youth involvement. Jake is the young ambassador for the sport right now!

47:16 Jason:

Artist and crushing it in derby (quite literally), Jason Sauer of Most Wanted Fine Art talks about his paint journey to making fine art out of demolition derby cars and other objects. He travels the country painting derby cars for a living!! From helmets, lawn mowers to crushed car parts, he’s got the backing from the Andy Warhol Foundation to push his smashing art forward!

58:37 Noah Voltz:

Country music artist and born-and-raised Mercer Country gent, Noah Voltz, brings his guitar on the podcast to talk about his beginnings in music, playing at 565 Grille or North Country Brewing, and where he’s headed in his music career- you guessed it, NASHVILLE!

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