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What in the Frick? Oh It’s a Snake

I took to the mother of all mindless facts, Lady Google, when I read about a snake sighting at Frick Park and learned that a fear of snakes top the list of phobias.

So the story is that a large snake was occupying a tree along the trail.  No gory story to relay, I mean no real dimensions even given other than large.  To me, context clues including buzz words like snake, tree and large are enough to never take a walk again. We often learn about stray kittens, birds, even unique objects stuck in trees, but a snake that looks to be as large as the tree, blending in, after a pandemic year teaching us anything is possible?  I would call snake busters or wherever you call.  Thankfully people smarter than me did just that and the Pittsburgh Public Safety Department reported that they consulted with the folks at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium for confirmation that it is a Black Rat Snake.

Hmmmm.  News flash, I don’t feel better!  They went on to say that it’s not commonly seen in a park, but is harmless and beneficial to the environment. Side note, rats rank among the other big phobia, and the words rat and snake in the same title is enough to force me back to Sit and Be Fit exercises or Leslie Sansone’s Walking vids.  Thanks for my lack of exercise black rat snake, ya jagoff!

Full story here–>

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