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Rachael’s Roundup to Her 100th Podcast Episode Celebration!!!  

July 9, 2019

Through the hysterical chaos and touching moments, Rachael achieves her milestone in jagoff history of reaching her 100th YaJagoff Podcast episode at Luke Wholey’s Wild Alaskan Grille. Pittsburgh icons and loveable friends family gather to celebrate Rachael for her lasting “really good questions.”  As many have said, congrats to this adorned achievement, and cheers to 100 more!

Music: We substituted salutations to Rachael for this week’s music! 

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Rohrich Honda has gotten acclimated to their Bloomfield community with visits to different businesses. The Jagoffs, and sales manager Larry, test drive different Hondas and learn the reason behind the Rohrich advantage.  Plus, with elite customer service and a dedicated repair team, we learn time after time the reason for their longevity in Pittsburgh. Find out which is your favorite Honda and remember the folks at Rohrich Honda when you are ready for a new ride. Visit and experience the difference.

Question of the Day

Listen as questions blast back and forth between Rachael and her fave guests!


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02:03  Luke Wholey, Wholey’s Alaskan Grille

Luke is our host. 80% of crabs caught in Alaska gets sold where??? And other crab leg eating secrets including the meat-to-shell ratio.  Who knew? Luke! 

06:29 Nan Cohen, Dinner for 2

What would be Nan’s alternative career?  It’s a shocker folks. 

8:09  Scot MacTaggart Pitchwerks Podcast Host

Why does Scot want to interview Mayor Bill Peduto? And then he makes Rachael swear with HIS question for her! 

16:53 Salutation

Heather Abraham and David Highfield of KDKA-TV’s Pittsburgh Today Live 

17:14  Natalie Bencivenga Post-Gazette Seen Columnist

Natalie recognized what Rachael has brought to the podcast and what podcasting has done for her as far as meeting so many people. Her poise and skill always prevails.

25:49  Paul Alexander Shelley Duffy

Just married and ready to roll PLUS Shelley rolls a serious lint brush! You know Paul, he tells all! 

37:36 Salutation

Rachael’s 98-year old Aunt Marie 

37:56 Salutation

Amy Mauk of Entercom gives a “running” salutation

38:26 The YaJagoff Media Team, Colin, Emily and Michele

Colin votes for wine at the Wednesday 9am meetings and Michele declares no post-holiday meetings.

43:31 Salutation

Jeremy and Angie, Discover the Burgh

43:06  Salutation

Rob Rossi, The Athletic

44:58 Russell Howard Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

Russel is terrified of Rachael??? But his question for Rachael is the best of the podcast. This story is the coveted Rennebeck reality.

52:01  Rachael’s Dad, “Johnny Angel”

He just might get the Steve Martin on Saturday Night Live Award for most appearances on the YaJagoff Podcast!

58:05 Amanda McKendree, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Amanda headed one of the first groups in Pennsylvania to focus on raising money for PSP support, treatment and research in honor of her father.  Go to the Pirate game August, 4th to support PSP. Ticket info

1:10 Salutation

The Conways!!!

1:10 Robert Miles, Pittsburgh Concierge

Robert has been a friend of the podcast and recognizes who puts up with WHO!!!

16:23 Salutation

Lidia Bastianich, Lidia’s Restaurant

16:23:30 Salutation

Larry Richert and John Shumway, KDKA News Radio

Summary of Guests

Due to the calamity of popularity to Rachael’s roundup, the sound off of guests jumping on the podcast vary at different times and are highlighted here: Natalie Bencivenga, Shelley Duffy and Paul Alexander, Robert Miles, Russell Howard, Michelle Shrader, Emily Lantzy, Amanda Daniel Casciato, Scot MacTaggart, Larry Mercurio, Luke Wholey, Nan Cohen, and many more! Guests reminisce of the best memories of Rachael with prominent affiliations to the Pittsburgh Downtown PartnershipThe Post-Gazette as well as fellow podcasts like Pitchwerks. Other discussions include flare and flavor of Luke Wholey’s Pittsburgh, and chatting up Strikeout PSP and Cure PSP, Inc. Listen as conversations collaborate, laughter ensues, and chatter commences to congratulate Rachael on her journey to 100 episodes!


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