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#YaJagoffPodcast: Podcast Fieldtrip to #OEV Old Economy Village

December 7, 2021


Down with OEV? You know me! John has never taken a field trip so off to Old Economy Village we go for Christmas at the Village. J/R find out if they’re on the naughty or nice list, thanks to Belsnickel. Plus, they chatted with Old Economy villager Kaitlyn Karczewski and bowed psaltery master Diane Yorkshire. John Craig brings the content creation while Leslie Bonci dishes the flavor.

Music: Diane Yorkshire on a Bowed Psaltery



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Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

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Is it time to cue the Christmas songs or please wait until Dec. 1?

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2:55    Belsnickel

Straight outta Germany, Belsnickel makes a special appearance to school Rach and John of old-time Christmas traditions at Old Economy Village. Not S-A-N-T-A, Belsnickel does the heavy lifting as the deliverer of gifts to YUNZ, plus more. Were the jagoffs  on the naughty or nice list?

17:17    John Craig:

John Craig, owner of John Craig Media, talks content creation and the strategy of growing a business from a concept. From creative expert insight, background on his expansive portfolio, to (literal) missed shots of captured moments, learn how he creates a vision.

36:35    Leslie Bonci

Fueled by food, nationally acclaimed nutritionist of Active Eating Advice Leslie Bonci balances eating habits while debunking food myths, especially during the holiday season. She talks about her Facebook Live series, Saffron and Sass delivering the gift of health during the holidays.


50:27    Kaitlyn Karczewski

 Slippery rock alum Kaitlyn Karczewski brings the past back to life by showcasing the Harmonist history and historical landmark of Old Economy Village. From year-round happenings of family-friendly events to volunteering, there are plenty of ways to get involved with the geographic gem located in Ambridge.

56:20    Diane Yorkshire

Musical master of the bowed psaltery, Diane Yorkshire, pleasantly plucks melodies during the Christmas Village celebration. She gives insight to how these unique instruments were made and how it is still honored today, captivating all eyes and ears for Old Economy Village.

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