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Suck It In To Get In, Jagoff

There are blurred lines and then there are well-marked lines called parking space lines in a parking lot.  Perhaps on Black Friday the lines were blurry because it was early and dark. Or the parker was just a jagoff?

Listen, it was not the mad rush of crazy early morning shoppers clambering for the last Tickle Me Elmo. Sure there was a demand to shop, and some great Black Friday deals to be had, but not some mad dash to the parking lot.  At least not enough for this display.

I mean the Rohrich courtesy van is perfectly positioned, like commercial perf.  The invader may have perfectly positioned its passenger tire between two lines, so there is that.  I mean the parking job was so bad that getting in requires the ol’ suck it in to get in routine.

And, for added jagofferey, I spy with my jagoff eye a Jagoff hat.  Yep, JC was dropping off some gifts and spied the peter parker, and sucked in to get in. That means Rach gets the photo cred, ya jagoff!


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