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An Ice Cream Goldilocks

Ice Cream eating Jagoff

I scream. You Scream. We all scream… when someone has broken into our house and is eating our ICE CREAM! Or wait.. since it’s Goldilocks, should it be.. this ice cream is too cold for me!

The guy guy from Brackenridge, “was charged with two felony counts each of burglary and criminal trespass as well as lesser charges of defiant trespass, theft of services and harassment in connection with the incident, according to a criminal complaint.” (Full story on  And he kept sitting there eating it, defiantly, until the home owner threatened to call the cops!  NOTE: at press time, we are not sure if the perpetrator asked the homeowner to hand him the chocolate syrup from the refrigerator door.

I gotta say.. that is quite the intense ice cream hankerin’ or was the ice cream just the bestest ice cream ever.  Hmmm… I love ice cream, especially the kind that has like a bajillion Heath Bar pieces buried in it and I would LOVE to relax while eating a tub of it. But, I’m thinking that I would never go as far as being a Bad-Goldilocks and break into someone’s house to eat it.. no matter how many heath bar pieces it had.

Dude… now you’ve been arrested.. all over eating ice cream. For gawd sakes, control your eating urges.  It was only ice cream. I mean, if you’re gonna break into a house to eat something, make sure it a steak or, even more valuable, leftover stuffing from Thanksgiving, YaJagoff!



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