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Peoples Gas YaJAgoff Podcast

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: People’s Gas Porch Tour #3 at Q92.9

August 16, 2022


The jags venture out to Valencia for the fourth and final Porch Tour, hosted by Tracy and Gary. Q92.9 DJs Erika J and Monica Salazar, PTL and Pens TV reporter Celina Pompeani, Nicolette Blahusch of Nicolette Jewelry Sculptures, Mary Mac of Mary Mac Bakehouse and musician Michael Lindner close out the 2022 porch tour with a huge party!





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What is your favorite Billy Joel song?

4:19    Tracy and Gary Heyl

These porch tour hosts elevated the experience by inviting friends and family for an all-day YaJagoff porch tour celebration! Tracy and Gary Heyl got the entire neighborhood involved with a heartfelt YaJagoff! special invitation. From margaritas to hospitable convos, they may be the hosts with the most!

11:07   Erika J and Monica Salazar

Morning and midday hosts of Q92.9 Monica Salazar and Erika J are jazzing it up with the jags. As a Texas native, Monica spotlights her Latin heritage while learning Pittsburgh dialect. Turtle Creek or Turtle Crick? Erika reveals the secrets in her office desk drawers and the mysterious Starburst craze. Plus, there’s unexpected hocus pocus convos.

24:11     Celina Pompeani

TV personality and walking wizard Celina Pompeani vows to never again mispronounce a person’s name while conducting interviews. She also educates us on the pronunciation of Pittsburgh neighborhoods.  Why doesn’t she say curse words? Should her dad and John have an Eminem karaoke fundraiser?  Monica and Erika J take over the interview with some peer questions.

44:56     Nicolette Blahusch and Mary Mac

Between the sweet treats from Mary Mac and neat ‘deets’ of Nicolette, the jags are ready to introduce a “Jags Made It Market” on the spot for this porch tour. Between the crafty conversations, the whimsical weather in Wampum, and Rach’s fave comment: ‘an original should wear an original,’ creative discussion ensues. Who knew icing could double as an accessory piece?

59:50     Michael Lindner

This musician goes fishin’ as a way to decompress before gigs. Singer/songwriter Michael traded in his band of brothers for a school of fishermen. As a one-man show, he navigates the flexibility of shows and locations.. He reminisces of his days living on a tour bus full-time and waking up to helicopters surrounding the campground …it may have been a jag blog post blast from the past?!

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