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Billy Joel Concert Was Great But…

Billy Joel at PNC Park review

The Billy Joel concert at PNC Park was fantastic.  Hanging with great friends watching a 73 year old bang out 3 hours of hit songs!  Amazing.  Even more amazing were our 4th row seats.

But then, there was the guy next to me….he tried the video almost the entire concert on his phone.  If ya look real close, you can see Billy Joel on stage through the guy’s phone. That was my view for much of the night.

Dude.. we all paid good money for the tickets.  Would have been cool if you just took short clips of some of your favorite choruses to send to your friends on social media, but you just kept recording the stage view then back to the big s screen then back to the stage view. I enjoyed it when you your shoulders and elbows got tired and you had to take a sitting break, pee or go buy another beer or 2. Hoping that karma got ya and your phone battery died when you tried to use your Uber app to get home. Next time, just enjoy the concert and stop trying to document the entire thing, like the official Billy Joel historian.. YaJagoff!

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