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Hocus Pocus Jagapalocus

YaJagoff Blog post about Jagoffs

There are break ups and then there are Hollsopple break ups and them break ups really heat up. Literally.

There is her side, his side, and parts that are surely missing, but the gist of it is a woman went to her ex man’s place of employment, a “heated” disagreement ensues, and we will leave the deets to the article description.  Essentially anger got the best of the two which led the Somerset County woman to use her craft to ignite the sitch a little more.

Ok, all puns aside, the woman used pages in her Wicca book to light a vehicle on fire in a used car lot. Assuming she got her ex’s attention, assuming she hasn’t mastered her craft since she used pages from her Wicca book to ignite the fire, and assuming the flame between them burned out after this escapade. As if the car industry hasn’t suffered enough, ya jagoff.

Entire story HERE.

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