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#YaJagoffPodcast: People’s Gas Porch Tour #2 Cheesin’ out in Cheswick

July 26, 2022


The Jags are in Cheswick, for the second Porch Tour, hosted by Amy Orcutt, who won a Porch Tour in 2017. Ray Petelin, Two Blondes and a Board, and The Koz Band join forces with Zachary’s Mission’s Patricia Vince to raise donations for the organization.





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Who is your go to Pierogi that you root for during the Pirates Pierogi Race?  

Amy Orcutt

Amy Orcutt is a repeat porch winner, having hosted in 2017. Her and her friends have seriously upped the game with donations but the real question everyone wants answered is: what in the world is in the basement? It may have something to do with a slight Halloween OBSESSION. 

Patricia Vince

Patricia Vince from Zachary’s Mission stopped by to tell everyone why it is so important to help children, babies, and their families during long hospital stays. She may also be here to count how many donations Amy’s Porch Tour received but won’t reveal the answer!  

Ray Petelin

Ray Petelin is the KDKA-TV Meteorologist?? Nope, we know him as the official unofficial YaJagoff Weather Guy, at least in our minds.  Ray talks about almost everything OTHER than weather over a YaJagoff Beer and a Ricci’s hot sausage sandwich.  

Two Blondes and a Board

Two Blondes and a Board make charcuterie boards and then deliver to just about anywhere personally! Randee and Camille are longtime friends, turned business partners, and the two blondies have done boards for bachelorette parties, tailgates, parties, and just getting together with friends. They even like to add a little gift on the boards. They may also have a fireball shot or two to serve! 

The Koz Band

The Koz Band is finishing their debut album, and they perform “Roger St.”, which is already released AND have five more tracks coming your way.  

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