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YaJagoff Podcast and Fueled By Hops

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Beering the Facts

June 15, 2021

You’ve heard of dueling pianos, well this is dueling podcasts, but there is no duel just beer talk and current events.  Thanks to Fueled by Hops Podcast, we simultaneously recorded at Primanti’s and chatted green gum with Emily Siegel, Ian Coyle added green with some Santa in July, and we chatted with Meg from North Country Brewing about the tech side of the YaJagoff beer. Did we mention Jim Prezioso gave us deets on the day of the dad at Primanti’s and some Ya Jagoff beer info?

Music: Jordan+Zach



Summer 2021 is driving people to events and happenings, and Rohrich Honda is part of that drive.  From parking lot shows hosting comedy acts, to a collab with Mancini’s, Rohrich knows the importance of community fun.  Congratulate them on a record month in May and browse their inventory in Bloomfield.  As always visit for all of your vehicle needs.

Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Question of the Day:

What is worse, no fries on sammies or a chronic beer spiller?

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Ryan Galiotto, Fueled By Hops

Cheers, ya Jagoff! Yinzer and beer blogger, Fueled Ryan from Fueled by Hops drinks a few cold ones with the jagoffs while co-hosting! A community for beer nerds, Fueled by Hops showcases the best beer with trendy terms such as crispy beers n’at. From stealing Primanti Bros. hot sauce back in the day to now talking brew selection at Primanti’s, there’s no underpour here!

4:24    Jim Prezioso

Did someone mention Ya Jagoff beer and Primantis Bros.?? Catch a Ya Jagoff inspired cold one coming to Primanti Bros. locations starting June 18. Jim Prezioso talks about Primanti’s traditions, rite of passage for Pittsburghers, and the father’s freebie Primanti’s sammy this Father’s Day, June 20. Come hungry and thirsty!

17:53    Megan Seastedt

Brew maker, and suds genius, Meg from North Country Brewing Co. nerds out about the recent collab with the production and distribution of the Ya Jagoff light lager serving from Primanti Bros. June 18-July 1, as well as the technicalities of what makes each beer unique when brewing.


32:37    Emily Siegel:

Chewing it forward has never been easier with CEO Emily Siegel at Trek Gum. Did you know that over 95% of gum on the market is made of synthetic plastic and rubber, but Trek Gum is changing the gum game. From medical school, life’s roller coaster, to now producing plastic free gum with functional ingredients, Emily uses her smarts and wit to make the world an eco-friendlier place.

53:37    Ian Coyle

President and founder of Semper Gratus., Ian runs full steam ahead with the non-profit’s Santa Shuffle 5K & Fun Walk happening July 10. He’s making a list, and he’s checking it twice! Activities, virtual components, and Small-Town Loud Voice in the evening, Semper Gratus helps other non-profits thrive through active, philanthropic efforts; register for the event.

1:04:15    Jordan+Zach

Formed in summer 2019, acoustic duo Jordan + Zach join the podcast to talk about their music and how they started together with their guitar, voice talents, and new studio services, Lifeside Studios. They play covers including The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, and Maroon 5 and even their new song, “Home.” Check out their music online and where they’ll be performing next!

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