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#YaJagoffPodcast: An Oktoberfest Celly at The Rock, YaJagoff!

October 12, 2021


The suds poured for Oktoberfest at the Slippery Rock Parks and Recreation area where Eintracht Maennerchor rolled out the barrels with German and American songs ala a 40-man band.  The jags welcomed Tom Baker, politician, philanthropist, and Executive Director for the North Hills Community Outreach while Mayor Longo talked about what makes Slippery Rock THE hometown U.S.A.  Plus a pit stop at Sperdute Farms!

Music: Eintracht Maennerchor



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  • Question of the Day:

German equals good food and beer and festivals. Oh! And David Haselhoff! Did you ever watch Night Rider or make a KIT the car reference?

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2:37    Eintracht Maennerchor

With songs to match their outfits, Eintracht Maennerchor, The singing section of the Eintracht Singing Society, gather every Tuesday to practice harmony and lyrics in German.  Practice makes perfect since the male acapella choir preserves centuries of heritage by attending local events, holiday gatherings and more.

14:47    Tom Baker

Politician, philanthropist, and Executive Director for the North Hills Community Outreach (NHCO), Tom Baker, talks community impact, longevity, and an abundance of support in ways that people help people. Plus, gives the non-profit world a run for their money (or donation) with a few record breakings and awards to boot!

29:30    Sperdute Farms

Up there in New Castle is Sperdute Farms and wow!  They have so many pumpkins that they supply 2,000-3,000 of them just for the carving wall at the upcoming Monster Pumpkin Festival on October 16-17 in the Strip District. But, do Steve and Susan Sperdute decorate their own pumpkins each year or do they tap out?

41:05    Mayor Jondavid R. Longo

What makes Slippery Rock the ultimate hometown U.S.A? Mayor Longo has the answers! From its great parks and recreation areas, the annual Oktoberfest, to its charities and non-profits, Mayor Longo points out the must taste, visit, and livable spots around the rock!

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