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Those @#%$@ Electric Scooters!

2 scooter riders on Route 28

This is nuts. It kina makes ya wish the boulders were still falling in front of people on Route 28 when you see  it.

2 people rented two of those new electric scooter and took them for a ride on on of the most dangerous, crazy roads in the City of Pittsburgh. If you watch the news story, (, you’ll see that they tied up traffic on the road because people were afraid for the scooter-ers safety!  Thanks to Bill Scheer, the scooter-ers (yes we know that’s a made-up word) were captured on video.

Bill, good job capturing the video. To the 2 scooter riders, hopefully you’re safe. Meantime, can’t help thinking how I’d smile to see ya road-rashed after a little wipeout at those speeds.  You’re the reason there are “directions” and caution messages on shampoo and hot coffee… YaJagoffs!

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