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Kubota RTV Thief Forgot Some Deets!

Jagoff Kubota theif

“A Fayette County man is behind bars after police said they found him in possession of two stolen utility vehicles that had been repainted in an effort to conceal them..” (see full story on

So, Brandon Allen Earnesty (love it when they use the middle names like moms do when you’re in trouble) is alleged to have stolen a couple of Kubota RTVs, repainted them so he could sell them but, there was a problem.  When the investigators caught wind that the 2 vehicles were just kind of hanging out in the open in BA’s driveway, they started to ask questions. Oh, and the kicker, BA (yeah, we’re tight enough to call him by his initials) tried to hide one of the RTVs and then tried to “Vinnie Barbarino” the investigators, i.e “Wut?  WUT?”

“Investigators said they located the second stolen RTV after following tire tracks and finding it in a mud hole not far from Earnesty’s home.” Guessing he forgot that the RTVs make pretty significant tire tracks in the mud. Ya can’t just brush those things away with a tree branch like they do in cartoons.

BA.. good try on the pimp-my-and-flip-my-kubota plan.  But horrible execution.  Repainting them should have been the least of your worries. Of course, if you had painted them black and gold and put our YaJagoff logo on them, we could OF set up a defense fund for ya. But…

Please, when in jail, can ya brush up on your thief techniques while you’re in the jail but watching some Tom Cruise Mission Impossible movies, YaJagoff?

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