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yaJagoff Podcast Golden Quill Awards

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: A Golden Quill Episode Mash-up

August 22, 2023

Summary: Earlier this year, 3 of the YaJagoff Podcast episodes one Golden Quill Awards from the Western Pennsylvania Press Club.  This is not a popularity contest. Winners are judged by peer review. A Golden Quill is the Super Bowl of journalism awards. This year, the Los Angeles Press Club did the judging.  This episode is a mashup of those 3 Golden Quill winning episodes.





Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

So grateful to Rohrich Honda for sponsoring the YaJagoff Podcast for almost 4 years…we received Best Podcast based on Pittsburgh Magazine readers and it’s awesome to tell Pittsburgh stories thanks to their sponsorship week after week. Get the BEST experience of customer service and maintenance of your Rohrich Advantage at the service center on West Liberty Avenue.

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(2:56) Smells Like a Good One Podcast

The Jagoffs Zoom-talk new chapters with some of the best moms in Pittsburgh. Shelly Duffy reveals life after turning 60, new beginnings, and her podcast changes. Kelly Frey zooms in to showcase what her life has been like after 21 years at WTAE and now starting her flipping adventure as a real estate agent with her husband. Plus, Marketing and Communications Director, Joan McSorley, explains the entire scope of Magee Women’s Research Institute and Foundation being devoted exclusively to women’s health research. Together they discuss parenting truths, women’s health, work/life balance, and mental health.

Click to listen to the full Smells Like a Good One Podcast.

(17:36) McKenna Sealer

16-year-old demolition derby veteran! McKenna talks about being the only one in school who derbies. She’s been in the game for 3 years and has won around 19 trophies in the last two years.

Click to listen to the full Behind the Scenes of the Demolition Derby World podcast.

Special thanks to Jason Sauer,  Most Wanted Fine Art and his podcast: Cash on the Hood for the hookup.

(20:30) Jody Steinberger and his furry friend Nick

Jpdy and Nick highlight the importance of Guardian Angels. He shares how Nick was able to alert him during a time of medical need due to his ability to sense blood sugar and blood pressure.  With Pittsburgh holding the fourth largest veteran population in the U.S., he is on a mission to help veterans live a healthy, prosperous life when transitioning back into civilian life. 

Click to listen to the full Banter at Bay 41 podcast.