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Most Wanted Fine Art YaJagoff

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Demolition Derby – Behind the Scenes of the Secret World

November 1, 2022


Last week was Go-Karts! This week demolition derby cars. John and Rachael go behind the scenes of one of the biggest demolition derby events in Western Pennsylvania.  Jason Sauer of Most Wanted Fine Art, and Josh Decker from Track Shot Live, prep them for riding in derby car specifically designed for YaJagoff and then they meet a local 16-year-old female trophy-winning driver!





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What would be your walk-up song as you approach your car?

3:45 Jason Sauer from Most Wanted Fine Art

Jason is representing Steel City to every corner of America with his demolition derby artwork. You can see some of it in person at Blue Steel Gallery where they have a whole wing dedicated to his art. Most Wanted Fine Art on all socials and his podcast: Cash on the Hood We have a feeling that the bromance with John will continue on that podcast, too.

11:35    McKenna Saeler

16-year-old demolition derby veteran! McKenna talks about being the only one in school who derbies. She’s been in the game for 3 years and has won around 19 trophies in the last two years.

18:00    Josh Decker from Track Shot Live

Josh is making demolition derby recognizable across the US with his Track Shot Live YouTube channel. He talks about recruiting a younger demo, more female drivers and how you can make money in the demolition derby field. Plus, check out the jag video which show how got the Jagoff car going…literally!