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Oh Nice Parking Job -Thanks for Blocking 5 Spots

YaJagoff Blog Parking

It’s hard enough to park your car in the City of Pittsburgh neighborhoods.  It’s kind of a given that, unless you own a parking chair, you may have to park up to a block from your front door.  It’s part of life in the city.

But then you get this!!!!  Some kind of vehicle transport does a nice job of parallel parking… AND TAKING UP 5 SPOTS!!!  For an entire weekend .. so far.

Are you kidding me?  Did you put a parking dumpster out to block this spot for ya? That’s at least 5 spaces!!!!

Here’s our plan.. the neighborhood will let you stay there as long as we can pull our cars up on to your stupid, empty trailer… maybe you’ll even car-pool us to work and maybe even block a drive through for 32 minutes on our way!

Move your trailer… YaJagoff!!!!


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