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#YaJagoffPodcast: The Sweet Hops Podcast

November 16, 2021


The guys at Fueled by Hops, founder Ryan Galiotto and podcast co-host DJ Scottro, are sweetening the beer drinking game.  They added 412 favorite brews to the Pittsburgh cookie table tradition with their most recent event, Drink the Cookie Table. Cookie activist Jasmine Cho of Yummyholic and senior curator of the Heinz History Center, Leslie Przybylek, brought history and creativity to the table.



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2:39    Jasmine Cho

As featured on Food Network, NPR, TED, Huffpost, Heinz History Center, and more, Pittsburgh-based artist, author, and cookie activist Jasmine Cho of Yummyholic, sweet talks about the creation of her portrait cookie making and how it has made a social impact in raising awareness on social justice issues. From her international recognition, take a bite and let the cookie crumble of what’s to come next for the bakery biz!

12:04    Leslie Przybylek

Senior curator of the Heinz History Center, Leslie Przybylek talks about the museum’s cookie collab with Jasmine Cho while whipping up some fast facts of the history of Pittsburgh’s well-known cookie table tradition. Where did the cookie table really originate? What does it mean?? Satisfy your sweet-tooth with a history lesson here!

25:09    Ryan Galiotto and DJ Scottro

Ryan Galiotto: Tis the season for stout! Founder of Fueled by Hops Ryan Galiotto talks cookie-inspired collaborations brewed in celebration between dessert producers and the most unique craft breweries in Pittsburgh for their first-year dessert beer festival, Drink the Cookie Table. With 20 breweries, get the inside pour of the best of the breweries to look out for and how you can get these beers in the future!

DJ Scottro: Co-host of the Fueled by Hops podcast, part of Necromancer Brewing and in-game DJ for the Penguins, DJ Scottro spins and sips while chatting the festival’s fruition and community collabs that help kick off an unforgettable tasting of dessert beers. There’s no bad blood in the beer community, so cheers to music and fine, craft beer!


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