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#YaJagoffPodcast: How Baht Dem Apples? The Soergel’s Pod

October 26, 2021


On the porch of the Naturally Soergels, Randy Soergel and his nephew Eric talk history and legacy joined by Pittsburgh’s favorite garden guru Doug Oster and the official (unofficial) “jagoff” polka band, Palastro Polka Band with Greg, Jeff, and Tom.

Music: Palastro Polka Band



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  • Question of the Day:

So much grown at Soergels but in the fall most known for apples.  What is the best recipe for apples? Fritters, pie, dumplings, applesauce?

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3:20    Eric and Randy

Soergel Orchards checks all the boxes for fall festivals, so we kickoff with Randy Soergel and his nephew Eric. Their family history, pandemic box initiative, natural store with over 2,000 gluten-free items, and more will have you visiting on a weekly basis. Plus, apple growing is their specialty so learn what you can do with their array of apples grown right here!

23:33    Doug Oster

Garden guru and Pittsburgh’s favorite grower, Doug Oster returns with a bite or two on gardening advice with what you can do with gourds and the fact that there are over 100 different types of apples! Did ya know about the easy growing benefits of the Mexican sunflower and why it may still exist along with cockroaches and Keith Richards in a post-apocalyptic world?

43:09    Greg, Jeff, and Tom Palastro

The Palastro Polka Band, complete with family members and accordion players, Greg, Jeff, and Tom, reinvigorate what it’s like to play polka in today’s American culture while honoring the past. From family togetherness, continued harvest talk, and finding their CD on the YaJagoff! store, you’ll wanna sing along to Roll Out the Barrels!

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