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Ya Gotta Pick Up & Go to the Last Rohrich Comedy Show 

YaJagoff Podcast Comedy Show

September was bound to come, and that brings less light, more chill in the air and with one last hoorah.  Thanks to guidelines, the Ginchy Bicycle Heaven Parking Lot is open to 100 spectators for one more laugh THIS Saturday.  

You have heard it before; we take a Rohrich Honda Ridgeline to the Preble Avenue parking lot and some of the region’s best comics make us laugh.  That is the formula, a few comedians perform their material out of a pickup to shake the comedic rust off.  Our job?  SIMPLE.  We go to scroll past some merch and buy tickets for $10 each.   

The next step? Pack the car with enough chairs, a cooler, and whatever else suits you.  We have seen pizza and a case of beer, lounge chairs and pork sliders, regular bags of chips and folding chairs, McDonald bags, Peppi’s wrappers, and even a pop-up table with a charcuterie-like spread ala the Schultz group.  

The comedians have included Ray Zawodni and Collin Chamberlin, Aaron Kleiber and Samantha Bentley, and many other talented and funny peeps in between.  This Saturday, September 26 will be the final COMEDY show and include Don Arner, Mike Wysocki and Chuck Krieger starting at 7 p.m.  

Expect laughs, BYO everything and follow Ya Jagoff on Instagram, tag us from the show and maybe you will win some swag, ya jagoffs!  Visit for tickets today! 

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