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Are Ya Gettin’ Tired of This Yet?

The Holiday play continues.  Are you getting tired of seeing these yet?  Tired of seeing the word Jagoff spreading Holiday cheer?  New ones are coming in every day and it’s pretty exciting.  This one is kind of incognito to the untrained eye. Smart of our Jagoff-atier (Jagoff artist) to split the word into 2 lines so that it doesn’t quite register to the untrained non-yinzer!

But, clearly, any of us in-the-know would easily understand the code! Can’t ya just see coming around the corner… the word OFF kind of catches your eye and, like looking through one of those word search puzzles, you start looking backward, forward, all around wondering if there’s a little more of a word there!  Then… BOOM.. ya see JAG and you GET IT!  You chuckle.. maybe even look around to see if anyone else has noticed. Maybe then ya take a little selfie with it as if you just saw the pope wipe a booger down the side of his robe!

To all, you are passing along Holiday cheer here and to all. I couldn’t be more proud…I mean like, I finally figured out that the little gas tank and nondescript arrow on the car fuel guage tells ya what side of teh car the gas access is on, kind of proud!

Keep it up.  More are in my email!  Some of ya are getting extremely creative! You’re upping the game! Stay tuned… Ya Jagoffs! (meant, of course, in the term of endearment version of the expression!)

Thanks to StaceyDCooper of Instagram for this pic from the West Mifflin Target!


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