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Work Jagoffs

Workplace Jagoffs With Dental Floss?

YaJagoff Podcast and Blog - Dental Floss

Received this note with the pic above (Once again, we have used the Jagoffestrator to highlight the Jagoffery):

Somebody in the office flossed their teeth with a floss pick and just threw it on the ground next to the garbage can. They walked by it several times, then decided to just put a folding table over it. Didn’t get a pic of that. This is the same person who brushes their teeth in the break room sink. Just another office Jagoff.

Ok Dental Denny (or Dental Denise as the case may be), we appreciate the fact that you’re the only person in the office that DOESN’T have a kale leaf stuck in their gums the rest of the day after eating lunch. Because the rest of us all walk around not sure what to say to each other as the thing just sticks there during conversation!

But seriously, ya need to be as anal-retentive about your office waste-basket-jump-shot as you are about your teeth.  Please be sure to ALWAYS do your ear-cleaning , with bobby-pins, Q-tips, office keys, pens from your co-workers desk, cork screw, whatever, at home, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks, once again, to Nicole Borello , San Francisco area, for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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