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Wine Jagoffery

Wine-drinking Jagoffery?

YaJAgoff Podcast - Wine

The jagoffs are going to a fine establishment.  We are really good at eating and drinking, especially wine, but will we fit in at the beautiful Edgewood Winery? We will find out since the podcast is at Spring Church, PA’s fine wining establishment tomorrow.  Pittsburgh’s Italian cuisine connoisseur, Pittsburgh’s Chef ‘D’ and the Duffy women will be there to keep us on the etiquette track, but while there what if… 

  1. I say the wine name wrong? I mean some of those wine titles are tricky 
  1. I hold the glass by the stem and it’s supposed to be the glass part? 
  1. I smell it too long or don’t smell anything because sometimes my sniffer isn’t the best 
  1. John loses his grip and spills it all over something light colored?  (which almost happens with any food or drink anywhere we go) 
  1. I drop an ice cube in it because the thought of something warm to drink other than a title with machiato or latte tied to it makes me cringe 

So, I will be studying my wine words.  I will not bring my jagoff coozie.  I will ask before I sniff and I will remind John to wear dark colors.  Can’t say I won’t drop a cube or two into my glass, but not too many.  Afterall, it is not a wine slushie.  There are plenty of Halloween parties, but the Edgewood Winery has a pair of podcasting jagoffs sippin’ wine.  So stop by, ya jagoff! 

Event Details

Edgewood Winery and Event Center

1637 PA-56, Spring Church, Pennsylvania 15686

5:30pm-? With Live Music!



  • SinBinKreations
  • North Country Brewing