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Who Steals an ATM?

YaJagoff Blog Stolen ATM

Who steals and ATM? Wait.. we realize that question is rhetorical. It’s people who want whatever money is inside of it. But… stealing an ATM machine, as you can see by the torn out windows in the pic from the WTAE-TV story, ain’t easy.

Even more, let’s say ya get a few hundred bucks out of the machine.. or even a thousand or so bucks… what in the @#$*% do ya the machine when you’re done emptying it to hide the evidence?

And should we talk about the 597 cameras that are around EVERYWHERE these days?

SIDE NOTE: I picture that old car commercial with the monkeys banging on the side of the car with wrenches when I think about these dumb burglars trying to open up the stolen ATM. 🙂

Because… it’s only gonna take one little mistake like.. finding the bashed up ATM machine along the side of the CRICK or in a dumpster to narrow down who the culprits are or where they might be from?

OK brilliant burglars…good luck with the last few days of your freedom. I think this story probably starts with, “We had a few beers and thought this was a good idea…”

Good luck hiding the ATM under your mattress or in the garage next to your Christmas decorations, YA JAGOFFS!!!!

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