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Where Ya at YaJagoff

Where Ya At—DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh

DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh’s Annual Event is this Saturday from 10a – 4p, and you better be nebby ya jagoff!

Be prepared to experience Downtown like never before with behind-the-scenes access to unique buildings in our cultural district, to long-term businesses in our bustling city.

Go inside churches, government buildings, residential buildings, artist spaces, theaters, galleries, office space, hotels, and more!

Enjoy the experience as a family with interests varying from artsy and entertaining, to vintage with good bones. Celebrate Pittsburgh with this innovative event that encourages you to embrace your birthright in our steel city – Be Nebby!

The Pickering Building:

Built in 1885 and designed by architect John Barr, this terra-cotta building housed Pickering’s “Greatest Furniture and Carpet Store.”  Now serves as a swanky co-share office space. 

Midtown Towers: 

Built in 1907 as the Keenan Building, it was the first skyscraper on Liberty Avenue for newspaperman Colonel Thomas J. Keenan.  Visitors will experience the newly transformed 18th floor with a beautifully curved staircase and amazing views of the city. 

Koppers Building: 

The Koppers Building was commissioned by Andrew Mellon whose family had controlling interests in Koppers Company (now Koppers Inc).  Visitors will be able to explore Koppers Inc’s new 17th floor which exemplifies a contemporary work environment. 

Harris Theater: 

The Harris Theater was the first moving picture house in Pittsburgh to commercially show art movies until competition from other city theaters led to its conversion to an adult movie house in the 1960s.  Visitors will get a behind-the-scenes tour of the historic Harris Theater’s projection booth, with the added bonus of seeing classic film trailers presented in their original format of 35mm in the auditorium. This will be a rare opportunity to see film the way it was presented almost 100 years ago! 

Bonnie Baxter

Bonnie Baxter is Founder/Executive Director of DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh which celebrates our unique architecture and history by providing historical tours inside iconic buildings and cool new spaces, as well as offering virtual storytelling experiences. Learn more at

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