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Parents That Are Jagoffs

When Your Kid is Afraid of the Dentist, You SHOULDN’T Do This…

When your kid is afraid of going into the dentist, you should:

  1. Show them photos of very friendly dentists
  2. Make a trail of Oreos into the dentist office that the kid will eat and, while their teeth will be nasty, they will be in the office
  3. Drive them on the hood of your car to the police station at 40mph

Well… what is your answer? (Insert Jeopardy music here while you think.)

Time is up!  The parent for this story failed the test with answer number 3.  And probably should fail Parenting 101 in general! And while this did not happen in Pittsburgh, the absurdity of it made it worthy of a blog post here for sure.

Yessssss… mom-of-the-year!  This is just the way Mr. Rogers taught us how to confront fears.  Kid doesn’t like the dentist…so drive them on the hood of your car to the police station (vs. dragging his little arse off the car and telling him YOU are the parent and in charge or reassuring them all will be ok and coddling them as you walk into the office!)

Maybe the kid will say he’s afraid of his bedroom in the dark and mom-of-the-year will teach him a lesson by putting the kid in his bed, telling him to stay there no matter what and then having someone pop-out from underneath the bed in an Exorcist mask after letting him fall asleep watching Freddy Kreuger movies.

MOTY…. get it?… Mom-of-the-Year?  I’m not here to call you stooooooooopid.  Actually, I’m here to call you something else.  Hope you enjoyed your drive and opportunity for one of those “teachable moments” as your kid was staring at you through your windshield! That’s such a great family tradition.

And just so you know, every Western PA parent knows that, the standard parental way of teaching your kids to not be afraid of the dentist is to chase them around with a Jason (Friday the 13th) mask on and a cordless power drill in their hand yelling, “This is NOT a drill! This is NOT a drill!”

Have fun at the magistrate MOTY… Ya Jagoff!

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