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Parking Jagoffs

When They Paint The Lines Incorrectly On the Parking Lots

Got these from some followers.  On the left, Pittsburgh Mills Mall.  On the right, Waterworks Plaza.  “PeterParkers!”

My man in the pick-up even had a legal spot right next to him but nope!!

Maybe these people park like this because of the stress of driving Route 28 each day?  Or maybe they are rope ladder technicians and the design of the lines is too hard to pass up?  Maybe these drivers are hopscotch professionals and, when they got out of their vehicle, they threw a stone down and hoped on one leg to the store’s door?

Hey PeterParkers, no matter how bad you park, I still don’t hate you as much as I hate the people that send me daily invites to play Candy Crush but learn how to park, Ya Jagoffs!